About the Pageant Drive-In Theatre

The Pageant is located East of  Medicine Lodge,  Kansas,  on Pageant Drive (Old Highway 160).  The theatre was originally owned by Roy and May Colley, managed by their son, Craig, and opened in May of 1952.  Owen Sill purchased and operated the Pageant from 1968 thru 1988, when the drive-in closed.

Owen's son, Mike Sill,  re-opened the theater in 1995, installing FM Stereo broadcast equipment, and new projection equipment.  The Pageant still has the speakers found at drive-ins, and many of those being used today are from different closed drive-ins, and still bear their logos.

The Pageant Drive-In Theatre boasts a 275 car capacity,  a 55' x 70' screen, and a fully operational Snack Bar, serving soft drinks, candy, hotdogs, hot buttered popcorn, as well as chili-dogs and nachos.

The Pageant operates every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from April thru September.

Click on the following links for pictures of the drive-in and the Sill family who have owned and operated the Pageant since 1968

(1) View of the parking lot and concession stand from the screen

(2) View of the 55' x 70' screen from the parking lot.

     (note the car speakers.  All are functional, and many are from area Drive-in's that have closed over the years)

(3) The Sills, in front of the Pageants' screen

(4) The Sills, in front of  the Pageant marquee

(5) Entrance to the Pageant. showing the back of the 55' x 70' screen, and the ticket booth

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